Post-Doctoral Position

  This annual call for projects is now closed, and will reopen in September 2023.

Description of the call

This program aims to support the development of research projects in mathematics and its interactions at the University of Strasbourg through the funding of post-doctoral positions  within the laboratories of the Interdisciplinary Thematic Institute IRMIA++.

Description of the positions

3 post-doctoral positions are open for a hiring in 2023.

The positions are located in Strasbourg: each laureate will be assigned to the laboratory (IRMA, ObAS or ICube) of his/her host team.

The contract is one-year long, renewable once.

The salary will be defined according to the experience and the level of expertise of the candidate, according to the salary scale in force at the University of Strasbourg.

In addition and if they wish, the successful candidates will have the possibility to teach in the courses of the UFR Mathematics and Computer Science or of another component within the framework of the collaborations of the Interdisciplinary Thematic Institute IRMIA++.

The job description can be downloaded below:

Eligibility and criteria

Candidates must have defended their thesis within the last 3 years at the time of hiring (hiring will take place no earlier than February 2023).

Priority will be given to interdisciplinary projects highlighting concrete ways of interacting or bringing about interactions (working groups,...). The scientific quality of the project will also be an important criterion.

Applicants who have completed their thesis under the direction or co-direction of an IRMIA++ researcher are not eligible.

    Application and selection

    The selection of the candidates is made in 2 consecutive phases:

    Phase 1 - Application file

    The candidate must send a scientific file in English by e-mail, to the address iti-irmiapp[at]  before November 30, 2022. This file of maximum 4 pages (excluding annexes) must be provided in pdf format and must contain the following elements:

    • CV and contact information of the candidate
    • Laboratory, team and referees envisaged - At least one of the referees must be a member of the ITI IRMIA++
    • Presentation of the thesis work and project of scientific integration in the host team

    At the same time, one ITI IRMIA++ member supervising the project must also send by email to iti-irmiapp[at]  before November 30, 2022 his/her contact information, CV and a letter of support describing the scientific project, its stakes and its scientific context. The project may be co-written with the candidate.

    In appendix, the candidates can if they wish add the following elements (non exhaustive list):

    • Bibliography
    • Letters of recommendation

    The applications received will be reviewed by the IRMIA++ ITI scientific expert committee in mid-December 2022.

    Only applications that include explicit support from at least one IRMIA++ ITI member will be considered.

    Phase 2 - Individual Interviews

    The scientific committee will establish a list of candidates to be interviewed from the applications received. These candidates will be contacted to proceed to individual interviews with an ad-hoc interdisciplinary committee, made up of researchers from the 3 ITI disciplines (mathematics, computer science and astrophysics). The interview will last 20 minutes per candidate.

    Candidates will be invited to interviews on December 13, 2022, for interviews between January 9 and 13, 2023 by videoconference.

    Successful candidates (on the main list and on the complementary list) will be notified at the end of January 2023 of the decision concerning their application.

    UFR de mathématique et d'informatique
    Faculté de physique et ingénierie
    Observatoire astronomique de Strasbourg