Master grants

Mobil'ITI Grants

Mobil'ITI is a set of measures for grants designed for Master 1 and Master 2 students who follow both IRMIA++ master tracks and the graduate program. These grants do not exempt registration fee for the diploma, but ensure its refund -see conditions below-. The grant amounts to between 6 000 and 10 000 euros/year, depending on the candidate situation.

Conditions and rules

  • Travel and moving expenses (excludes students who are enrolled in an institution of higher education at Strasbourg for current year):
    • Students from academic region Grand Est and Rhin Supérieur: 500€ for travel
    • Students from a country < 4 000 km (France included): 1 000€ for travel (based on receipts) + 500€ for moving
    • Students from a country > 4 000 km: 2 000€ for travel (based on receipts) + 500€ for moving
  • Registration fees refund : Real expenses (based on receipts for master and DU registration fees+ CVEC + language lessons if applicable)
  • Accomodation fees : 600€ per month during 10 months (6 000€ in total).

The grant is awarded for a complete academic year (10 months), and is renewable under conditions for a maximum duration of 6 months.
80% of the grant will be transfered as the arrival certificat is signed, and the remaining 20% will be transfered at the end of the mobility. In addition, the ITI IRMIA++ reserves the right to require integral reimbursement of the grant if the student does not entirely follow the graduate program.

Mobil'ITI grant can be combined with "bourses sur critères sociaux", but cannot be combined with:
-Dispositif de soutien à la mobilité internationale Unistra (DRI)
-Erasmus+ MIC / Mundus / KA 103 excepted dispositif Erasmus+ Stage KA103
-Other financiel support coming from IdEx funds for the same academic year.

Grant application

The grants are accessible to Master 1 and Master 2 students who are admitted to the graduate program IRMIA++.

If you intend to begin a PhD and apply for a PhD scholarship, you are not eligible to this Master grant but you may apply to PhD positions available here.

Candidates have to register for Master on e-candidat or Campus France websites.

Candidates have to complete a unique file which make them apply for both graduate program and master grant. In case of rejection for the grant, the application will be considered for graduate program only. The application file must contain :

  • Completed and signed Grant application form (download link below),
  • Completed Graduate program application form (download link below),
  • a resume, mentioning registration number for e-candidat or Campus France
    Application files with no mention of registration number for e-candidat or Campus France will not be considered,
  • the last obtained diploma and full transcripts of last two years,
  • a cover letter describing your professional project and insertion in University of Strasbourg, as well as your motivation for the graduate program.


Application file must be sent in PDF format to iti-irmiapp[at]

Application deadline for year 2022/2023 : April 30th 2022.

Decision information will be given in may 2022 for grant attribution. Master en Graduate program registrations are managed separately at scolarity service.


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