The ITI at University of Strasbourg

Launched in January 2021, the Interdisciplinary Thematic Institutes (ITI) are at the heart of the development strategy of the University of Strasbourg and are a major element in the overhaul of its research and training landscape.

They fit into the continuity of graduate schools, in the wake of EUR and LabEx that they are now replacing.

These 15 Interdisciplinary Thematic Institutes are part of the IdEx jointly brought by the University of Strasbourg (Unistra), CNRS and INSERM, and are co-financed as part of the GPI or PIA.


The ITI IRMIA++ - Research in Mathematics, Interactions and Applications is one of the 15 ITI and intends to gather a research center in the continuity of the LabEx IRMIA and a consortium of Master-Doctorate training programs, relying on the founding teams of the LabEx with new additional partners in computer science and physics. The involved teams (roughly 150 participants) federate the mathematicians of Strasbourg University, as well as several teams whose research has a strong mathematical dimension.

ITI IRMIA++ builds on the internationally renowned research in mathematics in Strasbourg, and its well-established links with the socio-economic environment. It promotes interdisciplinary academic collaborations and industrial partnerships.

A core part of the IRMIA++ mission is to realize high-level training through integrated master-PhD tracks over 5 years, with common actions fostering an interdisciplinary culture, such as joint projects, new courses and workshops around mathematics and its interactions.


  1. Support a research policy of the highest level, from fundamentals to applications
  2. Become an international reference in the domain of the participating teams
  3. Promote a demanding and original interdisciplinary training program around mathematics

And more :

  • Promote high-level research and international collaborations, create opportunities for events, meetings and interactions of scientists of all horizons, around mathematics and their applications;
  • Develop the mathematical theory and the numerical methods necessary for applications such as plasma physics, fluid mechanics, quantum mechanics, cavitating flows, biological tissues modeling, data analysis for biology and medicine, simulation of natural phenomena whose computer representation evolves dynamically in synergy with physics...
  • Develop advanced software and scientific computing for applications such as: parallelization of scientific codes, fast prototyping of physical models, specification and proof of programmes, management of large databases and large astrophysical surveys;
  • Meet the mathematical and computing challenges in data science, in particular for scientific visualization of large data from physical simulations or biomedical acquisitions;
  • Promote knowledge transfer towards the private sector and develop new academic interdisciplinary collaborations;
  • Develop scientific outreach around mathematics, computer science and mathematical physics.

In short
 12 partner research teams
 1 graduate program
 9 associated master tracks
 2 partner PhD schools

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